Monday , September 25 2017
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Troubling Gas Tax

Californian’s should be aware by now that a newly passed transportation funding bill that raises the gas tax by 12 cents. However, this transportation bill will not raise enough to fix the state’s deteriorating roads. Although many drivers still do rely 100% on gasoline, there is a growing margin of drivers that steer away from average gas stations. More and more vehicles are stopping at electric battery charging stations or utilizing the hybrid features of their car more than before. Zero-emission vehicles, in addition, contribute to making the gas tax seem more outdated. By relying on this tax to raise enough money to fix public transportation needs, there is a dimmed chance that goals will actually be met.
That leaves us to think. What should we do instead? With better fuel economy and more efficient cars, we’ve got to think of a new way to gather money for public need.

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