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How Do We Help The Traffic???

One of the biggest concerns of Chula Vista residents is traffic. From excessive speeding to talking on cell phones and from school zone issues to DUI, many drivers have become very impatient and unsafe. While Chula Vista Police Department (CVPD) does what they can to curb these concerns, there is a limited number of officers on duty and many more vehicle drivers. This is where YOU come in! If we all follow the rules of the road, it will make driving much more pleasant in our great city.

We live in a fast-pace society where we all want things at high speed such as internet, cell phones, and social media. High speed is good except when it comes to driving! Speed limits are posted for the type of roads and traffic in each area. All speed limits are based on ideal driving conditions. According to the California DMV, high speed increases your stopping distance. The faster you go, the less time you have to avoid a hazard or collision. The force of a 60 mph crash is not just twice as great as a 30 mph crash; it’s 4 times as great! What can you do? Obviously the answer is to obey the posted speed limits and not be in a rush; plan accordingly to allow enough time for you to get safely to your destination.

Everyone knows you should not be holding a cell phone while driving but we see it happen all the time! This is simply putting yourself and others at risk of an accident. If texting while driving, your eyes leave the road for five seconds….that’s a long time when a child could walk in front of your vehicle, or traffic could totally stop. What can you do? Put the phone down or pull completely off the road to talk/text. No phone call is worth the risk!

School zone complaints are another big issue for CVPD. Chula Vista has 45 elementary and 32 middle and high schools. There is no way to efficiently get the large volume of traffic into the confined areas surrounding our schools without some inconvenience. Speeding in school zones, driving against oncoming traffic, dropping children off in the middle of the street, and taking kids across the street not using a crosswalk are some of the more obvious violations. These decisions can have fatal consequences. A child doesn’t stand a chance against a 2,000 pound vehicle! What can you do? CVPD suggests parents schedule enough time to get the kids to school safely. Also, remember that it is a State law to stop for any school bus with flashing stop sign and red lights. If you cannot remember, CVPD School Resource Officers and Traffic Enforcement Officers conduct random traffic enforcement operations on a daily basis.

With grants from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, CVPD routinely conducts special enforcement efforts. While regular duty officers continue to patrol the city, other officers conduct the enforcement. That way, our City stays safely patrolled while the enforcement officers can concentrate on drunk or impaired drivers, speeding drivers, driver license violations and valid registration. What can you do? Take Uber or Lyft, call a cab or a friend, and make sure your driver and vehicle licenses are valid.

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